The LED Watch

​The LED watch is on type of a"digital" watch ch. Rather than using hands and numbers to tell the time, the LED watch uses tiny Led Lights that light emitting diodes," or "LEDs") to generate light. Whatever the time is, the diodes light up to provide you with the current time. For instance, if it's 6:30, then the Led diodes for the 6, 3 and 0 will light up, telling the time. Did you know that the LED watch has been around since 1970, it still has and will look and feel of something more cutting-edge than the old fashioned analog watch.
Early History
The Hamilton Watch Company produced the very first LED watch in 1970. This was the very first digital watch that had xa red light display and was priced at $2,100 Since then, watch companies have held onto the LED watch's reputation for being cutting-edge and unique, by introducing innovative features such as calculators, stopwatches, language translators, even tiny TV sets.
Advantages of the LED Watch
There are so meny advantages that continue to make the LED wristwatch so popular. First of all , LED watches most of the time tend to have a longer life than other type of watches. As there is no moving parts, it's easier to maintain the LED wristwatch. On top of all of that, as ironic as it might seem, LED watches are sold at great prices only at .

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