A History of watches

1571: The First Watch

In 1656 was the year when the  clocks started to become more accurate. At that time the problem was when watchmaker would design a clock that was small enough that could show the time accurately.

1700-1800: The First Watch was used as Lady’s Accessory

After the first watch we didn’t see the watches until late in 1700s and early 1800s. They wasn't in the form of a traditional wristwatch, the watches used bracelets and small winding clock. These were at the time seen primarily as a female accessory this was because the strap resembled a bracelet. Around this period bracelets were only worn by females, this  why watches wont worn by men so they don’t appear feminine. Instead men who wanted to know the time had to stick to looking at the clock or the pocket watch.

World War 1: The First Mens Wristwatch

Although the first wristwatches recorded before the twentieth century, they didn’t become popular until WW1.In WW1 it wasn’t practical to use a pocket watch when you could have the time on your wrist because of the  urgency and danger of the war, A simple leather strap watch was far more practical this allowed the best synchronisations and organisation among soldiers that was in the front. When the finally war ended, the men returned home wearing a wristwatch instead of a pocket watch.

The start of the Quartz Revolution

In 1969 the quartz watch was introduced to the market watch the moment   was revolutionary in technology. The quartz Watch was driven by the battery powered oscillator circuit that uses digital counters rather then  the balance wheel. A wristwatch was now more than a leather strap with a clock face, these watches used simple faces and leather straps then as time went on they started to make new and alternative styles.

The Variety of Twenty-First Century

Start of the twenty-first century the wristwatch was here to stay for good; the popularity had risen to a new level compared to the previous century. The wristwatch has started to be more fashionable then before. Watches have become  more an  affordable , accessible, and  a essential accessory for every gentleman.

2017 and the future

Now we are into 2017, wristwatches are continuing  to grow and develop and have  great craftsmanship  that  goes in to designs. We  now use a meny different types of moments in watches and unique designs compared to before.


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