Our Story - Mughal Timepieces

My name is Nazir Mughal I am the creator of Mughal Timepieces and this is our story. Mughal Timepieces has been formed with the dynasty of the Mughal royal empire in mind. We have been inspired by the royal blood in our veins as a member of this elite group of Mughal royals. They are known for their great taste in architecture and design; this was shown to the world through buildings, rugs and military equipment. They are also known for their lavish lifestyle and extravagant taste. The Mughal Empire spread throughout Persia and all the way down to India.
Mughals have expressed this culture through patterns and calligraphy, taking inspiration from the ......number of the world the Taj Mahal for Shah Jahan  in the 16th century and the Red Fort otherwise known as the Lal kilah.

Mughal Timepieces is a trendsetting Ecommerce online Watch Shop, offering a first-rate collection of Timepieces specially selected for our distinguished customer. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to our shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. We’re a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, constantly updating and improving the online shopping experience for customers.

The timepiece you have on your wrist says a lot about you, it’s your personal branding. So let me tell you a why you should choose a Mughal Timepiece. What We offer is the best in modern Chronometer design, we are always on the front lines of fashion and specialise in unique pieces chosen by the discerning Mughal eye. 

Our products stand out, they are perfect for going out and dressing to impress but translate well into sophisticated accessories for day wear.


Mughal Timepieces will continue to push boundaries through their active approach to finding unique watches.