There are some key factors you should consider when picking a watch that has classiness about it. It is vital that you choose a watch that remains in fashion and one that will give you that smart look you are looking for. A wristwatch should complement your style and something that can be won on different occasions, from weddings and dinner to job interviews and the workplace.

Purchasing a quality Timepiece that will make a statement the moment you arrive for any occasion. We have a few tips for picking a watch that will make a powerful first impression:   

Stick to a your style

Finding a classic watch design that ensures your Mughal Timepiece will maintain the test of time. A type of watch that doesn’t go out of fashion and to have an ability to go with your outfit. You want a timepiece that will compliment your style when you are going for an interview or out for dinner. You need to work out what  you want what  on your wrist and how it will enhance your style.


The watch market right now has more bigger and chunkier watches. This is what is in trend right now however,  if you want your watch to sit under your sleeves choosing a classic case size may be the right choice for you. 

The right colour

To find the best colour combination isn’t easy, but  we have a few tips on picking the perfect colour  combination:

A black or brown leather strap always works well when wearing black or brown shoes with a black or brown belt.

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